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Onelife is committed to the health of every person who decides to come and consult them. They will bend over backwards to help you too!

Whether you are an athlete or you are retired and want to enjoy your garden, Onelife enjoys helping you achieve your health goals and keeping you moving.



Nurses, doctors and surgeons who receive care by Onelife are giving it the "Thumbs Up" Seal of Approval.

Because Onelife is committed to the health of our community, it believes in taking care of all the hard working doctors, nurses and specialists who are taking care of the sick.

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Whilst Onelife believes it is best to prevent sickness and be proactive with your health, there are some people who require medical attention for emergencies or life threatening situations. Therefore, to help those who work tirelessly for those in hospital and surgical settings, Onelife provides a special Health Workers Programme To learn more about how Onelife can provide you as a health worker, more affordable care to keep you well, strong, more energetic and able to fulfil your crucial role in the National Health Service, simply fill in the form below and our Health Workers Manager will contact you within 24 hours.



For an athlete, it is essential to have high performance health to cope with the intense physical, chemical and mental demands of training. Then, to be in peak condition for competition.

Onelife is leading the way for athletes to achieve their best. That is why athletes around Canterbury and Kent are giving One Life the thumbs up!

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For any sportsperson, your ability to remain injury free allows you to compete at the level you wish. If you want treatment, rehabilitation or more importantly, to prevent injury, Onelife´s specialist can provide you with a FREE Injury Risk and Performance Enhancement Screening.

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For people who simply want to stay well and really enjoy retirement without the aches and pains that most people complain about, and to maintain your independence, Onelife has special programmes to ensure that you will be able to keep moving and not be admitted prematurely to the old peoples´ home.


Spending your life depending on others is difficult. Onelife help you to stay well so that you can enjoy the fruits of your hard working years and allow you to keep the spring in your step!



Onelife believes it is far better to take care of a family rather than simply treating the injured person and wait for other to become injured. That is why Onelife has the most affordable family plan packages to allow members of your family receive all the performance health care you need.

Getting well is one thing, but staying well is another. Remember there is only Onelife.

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Business executives and companies have benefited greatly from utilizing Onelife´s services. From reduced sick leave statistics, increased performance, stamina and energy, greater productivity, directors and leaders within the corporate industry are enjoying profits because they are spending less on sick staff.

To learn how your company or business can benefit from such programmes schedule a FREE employee health screening.

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