Charity & Community Work by Onelife

One Life has a commitment to the community that reaches further than it´s own front door.

The team of health professionals and staff partake in local charity events to help raise awareness for local organizations in addition to contributing a generous portion of their fees to groups and organizations who help those who are less fortunate.

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One Life will be providing pre and post race massages at the Whitstable 10km, Pilgrims Tri-hospice Bike Ride, Canterbury Half Marathon, Mount Ephram 10km and Midnight Walks for the Pilgrims Hospice in 2010.

All monies raised will go to charity. Thanks in advance for your donation!

Scrabble game letters forming the words Life and Live as it is what it is all about at OneLife

Callum Hyland, Lara Webster, Karolina Jedrzejak and Rowan Dover will be available for massages at all events. Be sure to get to their tent early as they will be extremely busy!

We are often humbled by the generosity of all our patients who regularly contribute gifts and money toward Onelife´s special Christmas fund to support families who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Onelife believes that giving back will help provide a healthier and safer community our future generations.

Thank you for your continued support so that we too can help others!


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