Who Will You Be Seeing at Onelife? 

portrait picture of Rowan Dover

Deep Tissue & Wellness Practitioner

Personal Note from Rowan

When I heard about Onelife I wanted to find out how I could be part of it to help make a real difference. I am very passionate about helping people to improve their own health and wellbeing and have learnt that with the support of the committed team at Onelife this is truly possible.

When interviewed by local health enthusiast and sports researcher Phillip Masters, Rowan said:

"I am really motivated to help people. Being a part of the Onelife team has shown me how it is possible to really transform peoples´ health and lives. Not only does the work they for our local community make a difference, but the incredible outreach programmes they have for those less fortunate. It is truly inspiring!"

Facts about Rowan Dover
Rowan is a fully qualified massage therapist and member of the AAPA. She is currently studying for a BSc in Complementary Therapies at the University of Westminster.

As a member of the Clinical team, Rowan not only assists with Deep Tissue Massage, but also has a very important role with guiding and assisting patients with their care, exercises, nutrition and overall health.

Rowan may be only 5 foot (and 2 inches!) in height but excudes energy and compassion for helping people of a 7 foot tall giant. She really is unique and is a very important member of Onelife.

"I joined Onelife to make a real difference, being part of the team is enormously rewarding. Being a part of Onelife has shown me the impact our beliefs can truly make. I am passionate about helping people to improve their own health and wellbeing, with the support of the committed team at Onelife this is truly possible."


portrait picture of Callum Hyland

Sports Therapist
& Performance Health Practitioner

Personal Note from Callum

Hi, I wanted to be part of the Onelife Health Care Team because it is different in so many ways. In all my years I have never come across a more committed group of health professionals who work together to help you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

When interviewed by local health enthusiast and sports researcher Phillip Masters, Callum was quoted:

"I have always enjoyed seeing people make miraculous recoveries and health improvements. I have come to realize how incredible the human body is just as long it is functioning well. And that is why I enjoy educating and inspiring other toward optimal health. I also really enjoy working with charity and athletic events and helping hundreds of people in just one day!"

Facts About Callum Hyland

Callum Hyland is a member of the Onelife Health Organisation and provides expertise in injuries, rehabilitation, physical conditioning and prevention.

Callum takes care of all kinds of athletes, ranging from juniors starting out to high performance competitors.

He works closely with local chiropractors, medical doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Specialising in sports injury, Callum´s expertise and goal is to get you back to a healthy and strong state, returning you back on the sporting field or work in the most efficient and effective amount of time, AND most importantly, to prevent it from happening again.

Callum also has a keen interest in performance health and therefore works with many local footballers and athletes to help them achieve their sporting potential.

Callum is well known for his unwavering commitment to helping his patients. His unique approach whereby he not only addresses your injury, but assesses your whole body to safeguard your future health by identifying any underlying problems gives you great confidence you are in safe hands. Because he works closely with so many other experts, you can be assured that you will receive the highest standard of care.


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portrait picture of Lara Webster

Deep Tissue Therapist
& Performance Health Practitioner

Personal Note from Lara

When I joined Onelife I was amazed by the results they were getting. I love sport and really enjoy helping people. If I look back, I could say that joining Onelife was the best thing I have ever done.

When interviewed by local health enthusiast and sports researcher Phillip Masters, Lara was quoted:

"It is the most rewarding position to be in: to help people get well and stay well. I am amazed by how far people travel to come and see us. I really enjoy seeing such a variety of people, from corporate London patients who come and see us to pregnant ladies and the more senior retired grandparents. As we say, there is only One Life and we all want to be healthy right!"


Facts about Lara Webster

Lara Webster is a member of the Onelife Health Organisation and provides expertise in care for injury, spinal rehabilitation and prevention strategies.

Lara is known for her amazing deep tissue massage sessions. She works closely with other health professionals to help the recovery and correction of any health issue you may be suffering from.

As a sports enthusiast, Lara has an incredible understanding of all sports and the demands they place on your body. That is why Lara works predominately as a Wellness Practitioner to help facilitate healing to damaged tissue that occurs as a result of injury.

From deep tissue to rehabilitative exercises, Lara is also known for her unconditional commitment to patient care. When you meet her, you will know why.

portrait picture of Karolina Jedrzejak

Massage Therapist

Personal Note from Karolina

Studying sports therapy has been fascinating. I really enjoy working with people and see them break personal records. Whether it is an athlete breaking a personal or county record, or a more senior person being able to regain their mobility and independence, I am so glad I discovered Onelife as I believe it really does change peoples´ lives.

When interviewed by local health enthusiast and sports researcher Phillip Masters, Karolina was quoted:

"When we do the events for charity, we are not only affecting the lives of people on our treatment table, but also thousands of others by raising essential funds at charity events to support those less fortunate. I feel like I have found my purpose in life."

Facts About Karolina Jedrzejak

Karolina is currently completing her studies as a sports therapist at the University of Kent. She is better known for her zest for life and incredible work ethic.

Karolina works alongside Callum, Lara, Rowan and other health professionals to support your progress and facilitate greater levels of health for you in the future.

portrait picture of Tracy Harley


Personal Note from Dr. Tracy

Onelife is something that I have always aspired to be part of. Working with an organization that reaches out to the people to make a difference in our community is very rewarding. I take a personal interest in helping all athletes compete with a competitive edge, providing chiropractic and rehabilitation to allow them to realize their athletic potential. From babies to high performance athletes, being able to help a person achieve their inborn potential is extremely satisfying. Come and visit us and let the health care team help you discover optimal health.

When interviewed Dr. Tracy said:

"I really love seeing my patients achieve their best. As a new Mum, I appreciate how difficult it can be for parents to make time for themselves. Onelife provides that… and makes it easy for any person who wants to get well and stay well possible and affordably."

Facts About Dr. Tracy Harley

Better known as "Dr. Tracy", she graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Masters in Chiropractic from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Tracy has a keen interest in pregnancy and birth trauma. Having been trained in the Webster Technique and spinal rehabilitation, Dr. Tracy is able to assist a mother from conception right through to post natal recovery.

Chiropractic is not only effective in assisting mother´s to be with a natural birth, but also take care of the newborn baby to ensure he/she gets the best start to life.

Dr. Tracy has a beautiful one year old son "Oscar", an inspiration to all parents who want to raise their child drug-free and achieve their optimal levels of health.




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