Injury Risk and Performance Enhancement Screening at Onelife

One Life provides a unique and thorough Injury Risk and Performance Enhancement Screening. Whether you are in a workplace, part of sporting club, starting out with a sport or a high performance athlete, the analysis prevent you from any unnecessary suffering from injury and allow you to spend far more time doing the things you need to.

In the workplace, literally thousands of hours every week are lost due to poor education and awareness and poor working conditions. It is our sole purpose to save you from suffering pain. Whether you are self-employed or employed, a carpenter, builder or administrator, cab driver or engineer, this system will benefit you and safeguard your future health.

For the sportsperson, we will identify what you need to actively and passively do to minimise injury and increase your performance. One Life has specifically designed and adapted an evaluation for all sports including football, rugby, hockey, athletics, track and field, marathon running, golf, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, cricket and racquet sports.

Ask yourself the following screening questions to help you determine whether you qualify for the assessment or not. Grade yourself between 1-5. 5 being most like you. 1 being least like you.

 I am constantly injured
 I am always tired and feel like a nap
 I have always got something wrong with me
 I can´t get rid of those niggly aches and pains
 I am not able to work or compete at my normal levels
 I have tried all the treatments available to me
 I have purchased other products including a new bed, sofa or even car to help me
 I have been thinking about having to give up work or a specific hobby or sport
 My work colleagues and team mates appear to be fitter, faster and stronger than me

If you scored between 9-17, it means you most probably have a silent problem that his potentially holding you back. Whilst it may not bother you too much now, your body has warning signals to "warn you" something is wrong. The key is to identify exactly what it is that is causing your body to produce the warning signals. A check-up costs nothing relative to the cost of having to address a chronic problem in the future. The practitioners at One Life believe it is always better to prevent a crisis.

If you scored between 18-25, your body has signs of tissue damage and possible nerve interference inside your body. You should get a performance health check-up to address the problem before it causes more issues for you in the future.

26-35, your problem is recurring and is becoming more difficult to correct unless you take the appropriate steps to prevent further damage. A check-up would be highly recommended.

36-45, means your problem is so chronic a performance health check may be directed at provided you a quality of life in the future. Some people do not know where to turn to help themselves because their own GP will only give them medication and possibly a referral for ineffective physical therapies. You are strongly recommended to get a check-up. It is time to act and not leave your health pending any longer.

One of the most common causes of an injury is a constant and repetitive stress to your body. Because we spend most of our lives working doing the same or similar activity, we are predisposed to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).

Then we go and play a sport that we rarely train for or practice for and wonder we hurt afterward. Your body needs to be conditioned to play the sport, rather than being the "weekend warrior" who goes for it and wonders why we have some kind of reaction or symptom afterward.

The majority of our patients come to us proactively to enjoy optimal health. However, there are still many people who do not consider taking care of their health until they get symptoms. They are typically reacting to their current state. There is no right or wrong. It all gets down to your choices.

We respect your choices and will always support you for your needs.

If you are an elite sportsperson, you are at even greater risk of injury. Therefore, the earlier the better, from junior level, if you are making plans to get involved in a specific sport, it would be highly recommend ed to have a screening done to prevent you from having any kind of injury.

If you are an athlete you will already understand that injury can occur quite often and at any time… and can literally destroy your season. Therefore, it makes sense to the health experts and sports injury specialists at One Life to proactively fine tune your body to prevent injury in the first place.

The Screening will identify key risk factors to allow you to play at leisure or compete at the highest level without the fear of injury.

One Life has trained professionals who can identify the key factors for you within minutes. With more than 20 years cumulative clinical experience, the One Life Team can provide you with a systematic approach and specific personalised advice. They will then provide you with a performance enhancement programme to significantly reduce your risk of injury, improve your performance and keep you working, participating and competing in your favourite hobbies and sports at your optimal level.

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