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We know it can be very confusing about what to eat, when to eat and even how to eat it!

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That is why we run a series of Healthy Living Seminars to allow you to get access to ALL the information available.

Whether you are an athlete and have specific energy demands or you simply want to lose weight and be healthier, we will tailor-make a proven nutritional plan specifically for you. Why is this important?

Because we all have different lifestyles, ranging from having children to hours we work, we all have potentially different demands placed on us. Therefore, that could possibly mean we require different energy requirements. To help you find out what nutritional plan would best suit your life, reserve a time for your FREE consultation and a seat at the next Healthy Living Seminar.


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We will also provide you with insights that will enable you to find out the best way to eat for your genes. That´s right, we all have an ideal nutritional intake for our genes. This should make more sense than any fad diet you see on TV or in a bestseller by some superstar. The seminars will reveal the key ingredients for you to function at your optimum and prevent life threatening diseases in the process.


The Healthy Living Seminars are always fully booked. If you would like to reserve a seat, please fill in the form below:

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